Dunkin Agege Bread vs Oreo Cookies – The Number one Difference btw AI and Amen … Dreams and having to wake up for Milk n Cookies :)

When Africans Dip Bread with their Hands into Tea Its used to be seen as Uncivilized and Barbaric

But When White People Dunvk cookies a form of Biscuit into Their own Tea or Milk Its Divine Confectionary Cusine at its best !



Angela Nwosu Once Said and i Totally concur

They tell us not to dip bread in tea, that it’s wrong, all because they don’t like it. But they forget that what they don’t like has been saving me from stress kamgbe. Do the one you like, let me do the one I like, ogunudu?🤣 Life is that simple o. Stop imposing your dislike on someone’s likeness😁

Your table etiquette is different from mine. No be the same teacher teach us😋

Anyways, join me to celebrate my 25th anniversary of dipping bread in my tea and nothing happened 🤣 Yes, I like to dip bread in tea, it’s less stressful that way. I call it two in one😁

Someone that did not buy you food will come and be telling you how to eat the food, it’s not like you asked them to. What impetus?🤣

I did not even put the agege bread inside plate, it’s like Angela Nwosu does not have plates again o🤣

Don’t forget to gba nkiti, then kupu nti, with reckless abandon. Apuom🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️



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